Droplet genomics

Droplet genomics

Every cell counts.

Single-cell analysis methodology

From the beginning of life with a single cell, to the adult body of 40 trillion individual cells - every single one is different. Would you like to find out how?

We leverage the latest methodology from microfluidics, Next-Gen Sequencing and 3D image analysis to reveal the differences between single cells in terms of their DNA, RNA and Protein composition.


DNA is the biological blueprint that defines an organism. Single-cell sequencing allows to look at cell differences in heterogeneous populations.


RNA determines which portions of DNA are turned into functional proteins. This makes it possible to simultaneously look at 1000s of genes, which are activated in individual cells.


Proteins are the fundamental building blocks of life. Single-cell protein analysis allows to characterize cell populations in 3D tissues and cell suspensions.

Service Portfolio

Biology is experiencing a paradigm shift towards single-cell methodology, however growing complexity makes it difficult to implement the techniques in unspecialized labs. We offer services ranging from data analysis to fully-integrated solutions covering experimental design, equipment, data analysis and everything in-between.

Start with a free 45min. consultation for your experiments


Plans Available

During the free 45min. consultation we will assess your requirements and will provide an accurate quote. Below, you can find indicative prices for our services and included products. Gene sequencing itself is always outsourced and prices below do not include the costs. Hardware and consumables can also be purchased via our online store.

  • Experiment design and
    data analysis
  • Typical size
    From 1,000 cells
  • Experimental design
    2 hours
  • Data analytics
    4 hours
  • Timeline
    0.5 month
Analysis platform
  • A complete setup
    in your lab
  • Package size
    From 10,000 cells
  • Includes
  • Experiment design
    10 hours
  • Timeline
    2 months
Full service
  • Integrated solution from
    hypothesis to results
  • Package size
    From 15,000 cells
  • Includes
    Platform setup
  • Includes
    Lab work and analysis
  • Timeline
    3 months

On single cell analysis...

Single-cell sequencing-based technologies will revolutionize whole-organism science.

Ehud Shapiro

On single cell analysis...

Demand has never been greater for revolutionary technologies that deliver fast, inexpensive and accurate genome information.

Michael L. Metzker

On single cell analysis...

Over the past 5 years, SCS methods for DNA and RNA have had a broad impact on many diverse fields of biology, including microbiology, neurobiology, development, tissue mosaicism, immunology, and cancer research.

Nicholas E. Navin

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