High-Throughput Screening

One In a Million

Select one in a million with ease

A common way of performing high-throughput screening experiments is to utilize robotic liquid handlers. However, despite their versatility, typical robotic workflows are limited in throughput when it comes to functional assays. To overcome this we have developed the Sapphire platform, which allows to screen millions of functional assays in a single day with ease.

We have designed the Sapphire platform to be compatible with different functional assays.

Cell Selection

Screen massive libraries of cells and recover them based on their phenotypic properties.

In Vitro Evolution

Steer proteins towards desired traits and select the most suitable variants from massive libraries

Synthetic Biology

Make the design-build-test cycle faster and select desired variants out of massive libraries.



The Sapphire platform utilizes droplet microfluidic technology and is compatible with various functional screening assays. No matter what your library size and screening complexity are, you can achieve it with the Sapphire platform.

Droplet microfluidics allows for these ultrahigh rates for both screening and sample manipulations, positioning droplet technology as a strong contender for the next generation of chemical and biochemical HTS and experimentation methods.

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Droplet microfluidics achieves ultrahigh screening rates by compartmentalizing reactions to high numbers of pL volume droplets. This allows libraries with as large as 108-109 variants to be easily screened in short periods of time. Droplets can also be selected by their fluorescence to select targeted populations and further manipulate.