Microbial and Synthetic Biology


Capture what matters

Analysing bacteria and other microorganisms poses many challenges for classic droplet microfluidic techniques. The first step of harsh cell lysis is often not only incompatible with droplet stability, but also interferes with downstream molecular biology reactions. To overcome this, we have developed the semi-permeable droplet technology, which allows to change reaction composition, while maintaining compartmentalization of single bacterial cells.

Our semi-permeable droplet technology is the solution for multi-step molecular analysis.

Targeted Gene Analysis

Measure the abundance of target genes by measuring fluorescence readout.

Synthetic Biology

Speed up the design-build-test cycle and explore the possibilities of multi-step workflows.

Next-Gen Culture

Cultivate diverse microorganisms in their natural environment while maintaining compartmentalization.

Our Technology

Semi-permeable droplets

Our easy-to-use and versatile semi-permeable droplet system is based on hydrogel shell formation. It works like a semi-permeable membrane and enables a steady exchange of small molecular weight components, while retaining large molecules inside the droplet. This makes multi-step reactions, extended culture in native environments and most importantly, labelling and selection of species of interest possible.

We anticipate that the relatively simple generation of semi-permeable capsules presented here will facilitate the development of new single-cell assays in biology.

G. Leonaviciene, et.al. Multi-step processing of single cells using semi-permeable capsules



Adding and washing reagents from our semi-permeable droplets do not require any special equipment. This process is as easy as spinning droplets down with a table-top centrifuge and changing the surrounding buffer with pipettor.



The Onyx is a fully integrated microfluidic platform, that makes the adopting the semi-permeable droplet technology easy. The instrument is also flexible and open making it future proof and compatible novel workflows.