Bend time in
high-throughput screening
Agile platform for droplet analysis and manipulation.
STYX is a complete solution for any lab looking to adopt advanced droplet microfluidics workflows. The platform has been designed to be reliable, agile and easy to use.
  • 01 Up to 4 separate lasers (405/488/561/633)
  • 02 4 independent fluorescence detection channels
  • 03 High-speed microscopy with in-line AI image processing
  • 04 Dual microscope setup for on-chip process analysis
  • 05 No chip lock-in (compatible with elastomeric chips)
  • 06 Embedded UI software
  • 07 Integrated HV power supply
  • 08 Small footprint
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  • Sample handling

    4x pneumatic channels up to 35kPa

  • High-speed imaging

    Up to 5k FPS

  • Droplet analysis

    Fluorescence and image-based

  • Droplet selection

    Dielectrophoretic and pneumatic

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