About Us

If your crew has an out-of-this-world mission, we are standing by you, ready for liftoff.
Droplet Genomics is breaking new ground in high-throughput analysis technologies. Our goal is to enable scientists to journey into the inner cosmos and explore new facets of biology. While our innovation is driven by the rapidly increasing need for better tools to study biological systems, what really gets our engines running is the opportunity to be a part of the fascinating achievements scientists make, when they have access to a technology that is precise and easy to use. We are your ground control in high-throughput biology.
meet the crew
Our team of cellstronauts is driven by talented scientists, innovators, and engineers. The multidisciplinary nature of our crew enables us to harness the combined expertise in the fields of biochemistry, microfluidics, and biomedical engineering to create solutions the world of science truly needs.