High-Throughput Screening

STYX platform is designed to provide researchers with full
flexibility for functional screening workflows.

A common way of performing high-throughput screening experiments is to utilize robotic liquid handlers. However, despite their versatility, typical robotic workflows are limited in throughput when it comes to functional assays.

To overcome this we have developed the STYX platform, which allows to screen millions of functional assays in a single day with ease.

Cell Selection
Utilise compartmentalised functional assays to screen and recover cells based on their phenotypic properties.
In Vitro Evolution
Efficiently screen and select protein variants with desired traits in a matter of days.
Synthetic Biology
Accelerate the design-build-test cycle by efficiently selecting desired variants from massive libraries.
A typical workflow begins with a reaction compartmentalisation step to test individual cells or molecules in a functional assay. It is then followed by a screening step during which droplets are analysed for their fluorescence and can be selectively manipulated to target desired cells or molecules.
  • Your Sample
  • STYX
  • Result

“Droplet microfluidics allows for these ultrahigh rates for both screening and sample manipulations, positioning droplet technologies as a strong contender for the next generation of chemical and biochemical HTS and experimentation methods.”

E.M. Payne et. al. High-throughput screening by droplet microfluidics: perspective into key challenges and future prospects.

Functional Assay
  • Select
  • Merge
  • Inject
  • Polymerise
The platform enables droplet cytometry and on-demand manipulation applications. STYX combines fluorescence analysis and droplet handling systems and is controlled with easy-to-use software making it an ideal solution for functional screening workflows.
Ground control
We are committed to supporting the research needs of our clients by making the adoption of droplet microfluidics technology as effortless as possible. We believe that every research project is unique. That is why we offer our workflow support services that will help you turn even the most complex ideas into a reality.