Microbial and Synthetic biology
Our semi-permeable capsule technology is the solution for
multi-step molecular analysis in a droplet format.

Analysing bacteria and other microorganisms poses many challenges for classic droplet microfluidic techniques. The first step of harsh cell lysis not only interferes with droplet stability but is also often incompatible with downstream molecular biology reactions.

To overcome this, we have developed the semi-permeable capsule technology, which allows performing multi-step workflows while maintaining compartmentalisation of single cells.


Semi-Permeable Capsules (SPCs)

Our easy-to-use and versatile Semi-Permeable Capsule technology is based on particles with a hydrogel shell. The shell works like a size-selective membrane and enables a steady exchange of small molecular weight components all while retaining large molecules and cells inside the droplets and maintaining sample compartmentalisation. This makes multi-step reactions, compartmentalised liquid culture and, most importantly, labelling and selecting molecular and cellular species of interest possible.

“We anticipate that the relatively simple generation of semi-permeable capsules presented here will facilitate the development of new single-cell assays in biology.”

G. Leonaviciene et. al. Multi-step processing of single cells using semi-permeable capsules.

Single-Microbe Analysis
Measure the abundance of target genes in single microbes and efficiently amplify single microbial genomes.
Synthetic Biology
Speed up the design-build-test cycle by harnessing the possibilities of multi-step workflows in a droplet format.
Liquid Colony Culture
Increase the throughput of colony-based assays by cultivating microorganisms in liquid media while maintaining colony isolation.
All you need in order to generate the SPCs is a microfluidic system with three independent flow channels. Once the SPCs are prepared, the downstream multi-step workflows can be completed using standard laboratory equipment. Changing reaction composition between each step is as easy as spinning the SPCs down with a table-top centrifuge and changing the reaction buffer with a pipettor. Large molecules will be retained inside the SPCs while smaller molecules will pass freely through the semi-permeable shell.
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ONYX instrument is a fully integrated microfluidic platform, that makes adopting the Semi-Permeable Capsule technology effortless. All of our SPC workflows have been designed and tested using ONYX platform. It has four independent syringe pumps, an integrated microscope with a high-speed camera and easy-to-use software, making it a complete solution for any lab wanting to adopt the SPC technology.
Ground control
We are committed to supporting the research needs of our clients by making the adoption of droplet microfluidics technology as effortless as possible. We believe that every research project is unique. That is why we offer our workflow support services that will help you turn even the most complex ideas into a reality.