Droplet Microfluidics


Capture what matters

Droplet microfluidics technology is based on reaction compartmentalization into pL volume droplets. This gives the technology unparalleled throughput and enables sample analysis at the ultimate single-cell and single-molecule resolution.

Droplet microfluidics enables breakthrough applications.

Digital Analysis

Count the absolute number of DNA molecules in your sample by fluorescence analysis.

Droplet Barcoding

Analyze tens of thousands of individual cells in a single experiment.

Custom workflows

Create novel assays and gain new insights about your biological system.



The Onyx is a fully integrated microfluidic platform, that makes the generation and manipulation of droplets easy. The instrument is flexible and open making it future proof and compatible novel workflows.



The Sapphire platform utilizes droplet microfluidic technology and is compatible with various functional screening assays. No matter what your library size and screening complexity are, you can achieve it with the Sapphire platform.

We Offer

Consumables & Services

Our goal is to further your science. This is exactly why we offer full solutions as well as separate reaction components. Our products range from microfluidic consumables and application kits to custom manufacturing services that make technology deployment seamless.

Microfluidic Chips

Off-shelf and custom prototyping services.

Application Kits

A successful droplet microfluidics experiment in a single box.

Droplet Stabilization Oil

Keep your droplets intact throughout your assay.

Custom Hydrogels

Custom functionalized hydrogel sythesis services.

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