Droplet Genomics

Every cell counts

Our vision

We make microfluidic instruments, consumables and data analysis tools - so biological samples can be analysed at the granularity of single cells. This generates enough data to reveal biological mechanisms and makes it possible to predict the future, rather than characterise the present.

From the beginning of life with a single cell, to the adult body of 40 trillion individual cells - every single one is different. Would you like to find out how?

Who we are

Our team combines the experience of molecular biologists, chemists, physicists, engineers and software developers. Interdisciplinarity is at the heart of our every product and we consider this a unique opportunity to deliver truly innovative solutions for a better science.

Year People
2016 3
2017 6
2018 9 & Counting..


I'm grateful for your trust in our young company and for sharing our vision of transforming the way we look at Cell Biology.

Karolis Leonavicius, COO
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