Droplet Genomics

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Precision microfluidics for molecular biology

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The intersection between modern biological research and ultra high-throughput methodology powered by droplet microfluidics is one of most exciting areas for scientific research. We consider it a priviledge to serve the scientific community with droplet-based microfluidics instruments and consumables. Our key philosophy focuses on meticulous experiment progress and sample quality monitoring, which allows you to progress with your pipeline with confidence.

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Droplet instruments

We design microfluidic instruments for increasing the throughput and standard of molecular biology techniques. Our instruments use pump systems coupled with microscopy and computer vision technologies for in-process emulsion characterisation, so you can proceed to downstream analysis with confidence.
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Microfluidic PDMS chips

Take advantage of our serial microfluidic chip production facility. After years of dedicated research the most relevant chip parameters have been optimized and are now closely controlled to ensure you get the most of your sample.
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Fluorinated chemistry

Fluorinated oils and surfactants offer a number of advantages for biological methods: stability, transparency and inertness - however are not commercially established. We make these speciality chemicals, as we believe, that research applications deserve the detailed characterisation and widespread commercial availability.
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