Droplet Microfluidics
Droplet microfluidics enables high-throughput
analysis of biological samples.

Droplet microfluidics technology is based on reaction compartmentalisation into pL to nL volume droplets which are typically generated at the rate of thousands per second.

The small volumes and rapid generation allow an unparalleled analysis throughput and enable studying biological samples at the ultimate single-cell and single-molecule resolution.

Digital Analysis
Count the absolute number of molecules in your samples with fluorescence analysis.
Droplet Barcoding
Analyse tens of thousands of individual cells and molecules in a single experiment.
Custom workflows
Create novel assays and gain new insights into your biological system.
The instrument is a fully integrated microfluidic platform, that makes droplet generation and manipulation effortless. The platform combines four independent syringe pumps, an integrated microscope with a high-speed camera and easy-to-use software, making it a complete solution for any lab wanting to adopt the droplet microfluidics technology. ONYX platform has been designed to be flexible and open, making it compatible with a wide range of applications and assays.
  • Generate
  • Split
  • Merge
  • Mix
  • Store
  • Inject
The platform enables droplet cytometry and on-demand manipulation applications. STYX combines fluorescent analysis and droplet handling systems and is controlled with easy-to-use software making it an ideal solution for complex workflows. STYX platform can be interfaced alongside the ONYX instrument, giving researchers the ultimate freedom in droplet microfluidics research.
  • Select
  • Merge
  • Inject
  • Polymerise
Ground control
We are committed to supporting the research needs of our clients by making the adoption of droplet microfluidics technology as effortless as possible. We believe that every research project is unique. That is why we offer our workflow support services that will help you turn even the most complex ideas into a reality.